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At  Squier  Construction, we believe home ownership is still at the very heart of the American dream. Where the fruits of your labor are transformed into a comfortable place for family and friends to gather, children to grow, and where memories are created.

Our sense of pride and commitment to quality and service is apparent in every home we build. Since 1987, our core philosophy remains the same; one home, one customer, one dream at a time.

We believe a home is more than the sum of its parts. It begins with an inspired design, quality materials and superior workmanship. Factor in exceptional experience in the building field and unparalleled service, your home truly becomes memorable. Partner with us and create a lasting relationship extending long after construction is complete.

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Putting action behind these words has led to our company's success, with each project building upon the strengths of our experience. At Squier Construction, we subscribe to the old school work ethic with 21st century technology.

Michael Squier established Squier Construction in 1987, when with a background in engineering he moved to Cape Cod and began a career of framing homes. His careful attention to detail and "old school" workmanship laid the groundwork for the builder he has become today. Over the next few years he transformed into one of the Cape's finest homebuilders.

Mike's philosophy of building custom homes is to construct each house like he was building his own.

Squier Construction provides the finest of custom built homes and remodeling to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas including the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

"One home, one customer, one dream at a time"

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