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Need a roof for your new home? Searching for an expert to repair a hole in your roof? We can help. Squier Construction offers roof installation and roof repair services in the Conklin, NY area. Our experts can repair or install your shingle or metal roof. You can also count on us for any repairs for your attic ventilation or attic windows.

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5 signs that you need a new roof

5 signs that you need a new roof

If you're not sure whether you need roof repairs or a new roof altogether, there are a few things you can look out for. You may need a new roof if you notice:

  1. Holes or leaks
  2. Missing shingles
  3. Extensive weathering
  4. Algae or mold growth
  5. Shingles with missing granules

It's time to bring in a pro if you've noticed any of the above issues. Our team specializes in metal roofs, but you can count on us to install your metal or shingle roof efficiently. Schedule your roof installation in Conklin, NY today.